No Sound Using HDMI from laptop to tv


Nov 23, 2013
Iv been using my laptop to play through tv in bedroom via hdmi and all been fine, I reformatted laptop back to factory settings but now have no sound via tv just through the laptop. Iv done all the usual checks and if I take laptop to downstairs tv it all works fine, Iv swopped cables around and there fine, iv even used the a bluray player in the bedroom and fine so its not the hdmi cables or the sockets on tv. Tried absolutely everything ,Please help thanks!


Nov 23, 2013

Go to control panel - sound .
you will see HDMI Audio there, set it as default..


May 3, 2007
Have you re-installed the graphics driver properly after your OS reinstall? There is usually a special driver for the protected sound path on HDMI cards. It should be included with the graphics driver, but installs as a seperate driver...
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