Question Noise Onkyo AV Reveiver TX-SR500E only optical source

Jan 5, 2021
Good morning!

I have a question to start my life here. I'm really mad with this problem, because I don't know what to do after a lot of tries. I was searching in the forum but I can't find anything about it (I think so).

Sorry for my english. I'm not native.

I have a Onkyo AV Receiver TX-SR500E with 5 JBL 138SAT and a SUB138 JBL subwoofer. It worked OK with an LG TV with optical conection a year ago, before I moved from my old home. Last year I stored it while move all my things to another home. 1 year stopped, well packed, no dirty.

After that, I moved, bought a new LG TV and put all things like before: TV with optical cord directly to Onkyo and consoles to TV by HDMI. A vinyl player and a tape player both by RCA.

(Sorry for that long story. I'm trying to be clear and detailed)

THE PROBLEM: All sounds good, with no noises, with high or low volume EXCEPT all sounds by optical.
Vinyl sounds good with no noises in every frequence.
Tape sounds good with no noises in every frequence.
TV with surround sound make noises (primary in rear ones, but not only in rear). Noises like crunches in some frequences (not always and not in all frequences).

I tried both Onkyo optical in and 2 different optical cord. I tried to connect directly in a Xbox One optical out and the noise still there. In some frequences and mainly rear.
I think that maybe Onkyo's optical decoder has a problem.
I discard 138SAT because they don't make that noise with vinyl, tape or radio.
I discard LG TV because with direct Xbox One connection the problem is still there, and there's no other possible configuration in both devices.
I think that the problem is in optical part of Onkyo's Receiver, but I need to know better with other people.

Can anyone help me or explain me the problem?

Thanks for reading that looooooooooooooong story.
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