Question Non touchbar 2017 13 inch Macbook Pro USB C port not working

Oct 26, 2019
I have the non touch bar 2017 13 inch macbook pro. One of the USB C port is not working, so I am unable to charge and plug in the USB C hub adapter at the same time. When I went to the store to repair, they said that that port has some corrosion, and most likely is not working so it is better to replace it. Since i am out of warranty, they told me that since the USB C port is mounted to the motherboard, they have to replace the entire motherboard, and the repair will cost around 1000 usd half of the price of when I bought the device. I am not willing to pay that much, as I might as well buy a new device, though one of the port is still working, so I might be able to prolong this macbook pro life. However, I really want to be able to use 2 ports at the same time, as I want to charge and use my mouse. IS there an alternative solution that I can do that is not as pricey?
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