Question Nonstop crackling through speakers, worse when gaming

Dec 31, 2020
So I recently built myself a new PC and had some Rokit 6s I wanted to connect. I bought a Fosi Audio DAC-Q4 from Amazon and set it up but I get a constant crackle/buzz through the speakers which gets worse when I play games. I have tried all of the common fixes (reinstalling drivers, updating drivers, even moved wires around within my PC) but it still has not fixed the issue. I then connected the DAC to my tablet (windows surface pro 7) and got crystal clear audio when performing all of the normal functions. The buzzing doesn't change with the volume so everything in the speakers must be alright as well as the DAC.
I can't understand where this going wrong but I assume it must be either within the drivers I have installed (yet it was a plug in and play which worked on my tablet) or something else within my PC.
Any suggestions are welcome!

Specs are here if they help:
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z490 G Series
GPU: msi 2070 super
CPU: Intel i5 10600k
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