Noob question about receiver compatibility



Hi guys, I'm planning on getting a new pair of speakers and a sub, and I also need a new receiver as my current one doesn't have the required speaker/sub connections. At the moment I have my eye on a pair of Cambridge S30s, a Cambridge S80 subwoofer, and a Sony STRDH100 AV Receiver which seems to be generally well reviewed. However, as a complete noob to audio tech, could someone advise me whether or not this receiver possesses the necessary connections? And if not, could anyone suggest a similarly priced receiver that is compatible (I'm from the UK btw)? Here's a link to the specs, I just need someone to interpret. Thank you.


the left right RCA preamp outputs of the receiver connect to the subwoofer inputs
OR you can use the left right tape outputs of the receiver, and connect them to the inputs of the subwoofer.

you do not need a receiver with a subwoofer output or a subwoofer amp.
The sub you are looking at has a built in amplifier and crossover.

The Cambridge speakers are made to connect to an ordinary 2 channel receiver. You need a "preamp out" or a "tape out."
Do you have either? It's better to have a preamp out..
OR the new receiver needs to have preamp outputs, RCA jacks, on the back of the receiver.

I looked at the Sony Specs and it DOES NOT have preamp outputs.
And so, keep looking for a receiver with RCA type left and right preamp outputs.
The receiver DOES NOT need a subwoofer output, if you are buying the Cambridge subwoofer.