Question NordPass issues with email masking?

Apr 23, 2024
I kept getting "someone" adding email masking addresses in my Nord Pass account. I did not create the masked email addresses. I did delete them. I reported this to NordPass but they have not been able to assist. It occurred with my Browser add-on in Firefox. I changed password and then changed to a Chrome with browser add-on but the 'hack' continued. NordPass were at best perplexed and at worse no help. It being going on for a about 1 month. No admission by NordPass of vulnerability of my passwords or fixes or even what was going on. I now use another password manager as I have no confidence in NordPass. I had paid for 2 years premium and used about 2 months.... no refund policy (say no more). Is this common in other NordPass users? Cannot find any others who have had this issue.