Question Not a question, copy of a letter I sent to Roku

Jul 8, 2022
I am posting this here in hopes that someone at Tom’s will look into this issue. Not for me, but for everyone who keeps buying Roku units with these absolute crap remotes.

A few years ago I purchased the Roku model with voice command and earphones that was sold only thru Best Buy. Within weeks it was eating batteries at the rate of three times a week. And when the batteries had the life sucked out of them if I was using the headphones I would experience a screeching noise that was nearly deafening. I stopped using the extra functions, wrote a complaint to your message boards where, surprise surprise, many other customers where having the same problem. One of your techs said that using earphones drained the battery. Hahahahaha. I am an old fart who grew up using transistor radios running on old school batteries and used earphones and could go days without the batteries wearing out. So, apparently in the 21st century with the use of longer lasting Ni-mh batteries Roku has found a way to be less effective than batteries I used 60 years ago. Then, less than two years into using my Roku unit it died. Well done! Problem solved. Foolishly I purchased a new unit, the Express 4k, figuring that you all had enough time to figure this out. Low and behold, I am replacing batteries every two weeks. I’ve taken to using rechargeable batteries. I never use the volume buttons in hopes the batteries would last longer. I have remotes for my tv and house fans that get used numerous times a day, every day, for months/years and in a couple of them I’ve never had to replace the batteries. So, where are you manufacturing these stellar instruments of bleep? North Korea? And have you EVER actually dealt with a problem that is apparently years in the making? Sadly for me, I prefer Roku to Chromecast, but when this unit kicks the bucket, I will also kick Roku to the curb. It’s not just annoying, it points to arrogance or stupidity that you haven’t taken care of this issue. Maybe check in with Samsung or any company that make remotes that actually work, and find out how to design and produce a remote that isn’t faulty garbage.