Question note pad question


Aug 20, 2016
i had to reset my a51 phone and i did that thru samsung and they did not warn me that i had to make sure the phone number was correct and i can't get the restore back from the backup i did just before i reset the phone. it took me all day and the next day to finally figure out how to reset the phone number however it will take 2 weeks for them to send me an email that will let me go back to the samsung site to do a restore. anyway i did a simple transfer form my last phone and i did not get any of the notes back because i did not have them on that phone. i did have them on another phone and i tried using the app to export them to the sd card and that is failing bad. i see them go to the card but then when i put the card in the a52 phone and then do a import nothing happens. it seems like the files are not there. does anyone have a fix or maybe another note pad that will be easier to export and import when needed? it seems i had this issue the last time i had to do a restore.