Notebook screen turning off/acting weird when watching videos

Furkan Kor

Sep 20, 2014
I hope this is the right place to post this. Around 2 months ago, my little brother accidentally dropped his laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 520) on it's corner. Besides a dent, there seemed to be no other problems with it. Then, a few weeks ago, I noticed something "weird" going on. When watching a video (mainly on YouTube), when I would move the cursor so that the top and bottom bars become visible, the screen would start flickering for a second or two, then turn back to normal. After a while this turned into the screen just turning off for a second or two, then coming back. The weird thing is that when I adjust the volume when watching a video, and get the volume level thingy in the top left corner, no such thing happens. Anyway, yesterday things got even worse. When start the laptop and start watching a video, there's nothing wrong with it. After an hour or so, the screen starts turning off when I move the mouse or hit a key, anything to make the bottom/top bars show up. And after a few more hours, the screen just goes straight retard, shifting from left to right, all kinds of white lines just showing up randomly and the rightmost part of the screen "shifting" further to the right and showing up from the leftmost of the screen. I hope I was able to explain the situation properly. Thanks for any help


May 18, 2007
It's hard to tell, but it could be that, when the laptop fell, some cable inside the case moved out of its place. Inside laptops, there are many ribbon cables, and these are held in place with little more than a light pressure. A sudden movement and they can loose contact. The screen is connected to the GPU with such a ribbon cable. So it could be worth opening it, and carefully looking around inside of it to see if there's any such cable dislodged. However, this is a delicate operation if you have never done it before. If you are unfamiliar with the inards of a PC, i don't recommend you try to do it by yourself. My recommendation from a "better safe than sorry" standpoint is that you take it to an electronics repair shop. Those shops where they replace mobile phone screens and such, you know? They might want to take a look inside, for a price...
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