NSA Head Grilled on Capitol Hill as Senators Hint at More Revelations

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Nov 17, 2006
Does it really matter if Obama added the "oversight committee" he promised, but then made the committee proceedings secret and the members part of the problem instead of independent 3rd parties who might actually care about the Constitution? :p

That's like saying Obamacare will lower health costs for everyone, when you examine how it works and get 2+2 = 293. LOL :)


Apr 2, 2010
i would rather the entire system/facilities be physically destroyed by fire until only the ash remains of every single chip is all that is left.

somebodys war time power are about to expire and hence the reason for getting american troops involved in syria..it's just terribly sad that america spent so much blood sweat and tears, time and money on over throwing the al queda taliban in afganistan only for obama to turn around and commit treason by giving the al queda syrian rebels weapons.

makes me wonder what the point of having troops in afganistan and having a war on terror or trying to kill al queda members is and that we don't need the NDAA or patriot act any longer as our commander in chief has now allied america to al queda to the point his is helping them topple democratic governments and giving them weapons and possibly WMD's from when saddam was handing them out to any one who would fight the usa before the second iraq war.

i only bring this up because it has already happened with fast and furious 1 and obama's executive orders for attorney general eric holder and the preemptive pardon of any one involved before the congressional hearing was set to question key players.


Jun 4, 2012
It's funny how the same idiots that voted for the Patriot Act are now blaming the NSA for using it. We need to get a leash on congress before we can worry about the NSA.
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