nvidia cannot install as hardware not detected? gtx 980 laptop?


Mar 23, 2015
so it was working fine before i sent it back to xmg when it came back, the nvidia software was gone, when i tired installing it it said the above message!

then went into the device manager and nvidia gtx 980 wasnt there either? so now im wondering what is wrong?

tried going on the clevo website drivers with same message...it is still under warranty shall i send it back to xmg so they can sort it?
You should start with their TECH SUPPORT and see what is going on.

If they can't advise you, then it's likely they'll point you towards the RMA option. You have to follow the EXACT RMA steps anyway which often includes contacting tech support.

*You may have to install the drivers from the laptop site, and NOT try installing ones from NVidia directly.