nvidia gtx670m massive clock spikes from 620 to 75


Jan 14, 2016
Hey guys been reading the forum for awhile first post though. I am at my wits end with this issue and looking for some help.

When I bring up any game (does not matter the game even older games that I have had no issue with in the past) My clock fluctuates from 620 to 72 and back up causing a delay in the game so it is like walking and pausing every couple of seconds. I have also noticed that when I try to use a second monitor I get a static or flashing on that second monitor at the same time.

my specs are below along with a list of things I have tried but at this point I am up for anything I cannot find what is causing this problem.

The computer is a g75vw with a nvidia gtx 670m

I have not overclocked the GPU at all and temps run at a high of 61

I have replaced the power supply, made sure battery is on max performance, changed nvidia control panel to max performance, formatted my computer and started from scratch, ran pc-doctor toolbox looking for hardware issues with no problems, and all graphics drivers are up to date.

I am frustrated and ready to just buy a new computer so any help would be appreciated.


- First, I would suggest doing a clean install of the graphics card driver that did the trick with others who had the same problem.

Please refer to this article for the complete guide:

- Second is to install the latest BIOS update for your laptop. (current version is 223)

Here's the link for the latest BIOS update: (Please do check your BIOS version first before installing)

- Lastly, do run Windows Update and install all available updates.
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