Office 2010 Stopped Working


Sep 24, 2015
My Microsoft office 2010 stopped opening a few months ago. I wasn't using my computer much so I thought nothing of it. Every time I tried to open it, it would say it was attempting to download an update. I had no internet at my house so I figure it picked up that there was a update available when I opened my laptop at a coffee shop to check my email.
Now that I have left it in a wi-fi zone for a few days it has now seemed to restart the whole product and is asking for my product key to get into office. I don't have it anymore, it came installed when I bought my laptop. My friend tried running produkey and looking for my key within my computer but it couldn't find it either.
It's an older computer (running windows 7) so I don't want to have to pay for anything more for it. (I'd rather save up for something a little faster)
Is there anything I can do to get a product key or something else that will just make it work?

If you purchased that Office 2010 online normally Microsoft will send you out that product key but if it came in with the laptop as a full version you should be able to get it from the manufacturer of the laptop. All you need is the receipt of the laptop stating that it's included when you purchased it.