ok i am a poor 15 year old how do i fix my audio jack if it wont work for my earbuds no more i hooked them up and all it does

Rocky Bennett

May 25, 2016
I agree. If you are playing on the internet during school hours, your future in school is not very promising. You need to;

1. Learn to communicate better
2. Troubleshoot your problem and form a clear plan to fix it.

If the problem is the "plug" on the headphone cable then it may be replaceable.
It will need to be soldered on the headphone cable. There should be someone in the college audio video or tech support that can do this for you. They likely have the plug too. Be aware that some headphone cables are not meant to be soldered to and resist repair.
If the problem is the "jack" which is on whatever you are plugging the headphones into that is more involved.
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