Old Stereo System to Modern?


May 10, 2012
Okay so here's the backstory

Quite a long time ago, my dad's audiophile friend recommended he purchased a JBL Control SB-1

a long with JBL Control 1 Bookshelf loudspeakers, they still seem to produce these but have a "1" and "One" series. These are probably 20 years old with the Orange and Inscribe Control 1.

All of this is being controlled by a NAD 7225PE.

Now for the question, if I wanted to use these speakers in a Home Theatre setup, would it be possible/worrth it? I'd ideally love to buy a decent AV receiver and just hook this setup up to it with a few other speakers to make it 5.1, but I'm quite confused... He claims these were very expensive back in the day (2k+ for the whole), Anything helps! If I'm missing anything, please ask!
The NAD receiver had a price of $300. It was decent entry level stereo receiver.
The JBL speakers are about $165 and the JBL "sub" is not self powered so not really a subwoofer just adds a bit of thump to a small satellite speaker.
You could use them as rear speakers but the receiver won't do surround sound and the "sub" would not do any kind of job as a subwoofer. You will need a surround receiver, front 3 speakers, and a powered sub.
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