Old yamaha subwoofer/5.1 system

Aug 10, 2018
Hi, so we have this maybe 15 year old 5.1 yamaha system in the living room, but it was years and years ago the receiver broke and havent used it since.

Now im thinking about buying a new reciever, but i have a question about the subwoofer, it has an input, but also a "system connector" and i have no idea what that is, is that something special that without something plugged into it, the subwoofer wont work ?



That receiver doesn't have a 12v trigger so there's no connection for one.
We can't be sure that the voltage that will turn on the sub is 12v. I would suggest you buy a universal wall wart power supply so you can try different voltages and connectors.
You can leave it plugged in so the sub is always ready to use.
There are receivers with 12v triggers but they are more expensive so it may be cheaper to replace the sub with a new one which will turn itself on and off when it receives audio
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