Older surround sound hookup new tv


Mar 10, 2017
We just got a samsung UN55KS9000, and it only has HDMI cable box, there are no audo inputs
We have an older onkyo surround sound system, is there some king of adapter we can buy to hook our older system up?
Thank you in advance


Jun 1, 2008
Odd for a new tv to not have a optical output. You would need a hdmi audio extractor. This will remove the audio and convert it to optical or analog stereo.

They should work for most audio sources, but not all. Like i know the wii u will not work in surround mode.


Mar 10, 2017

I can't find it anywhere?The manual says it is there, but doesn't show where it is. It came with a black box with hdmi ports. If there is one plug like they say there is how would I connect the surround sound that has 4 plugs

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