Onboard analog cables vs sound card optical..


Dec 8, 2011
Hi guys, i have a PC setup with nVidia 8800 GT DVI to HDMI and no optical or spdif out on my DG33FB intel motherboard. I am going to buy a Denon 1912 receiver which has capability to decode TrueHD, DTS-HD etc. I will connect the DVI->HDMI to receiver so no problems on video front. What is the best approach for audio.

Do i connect onboard (5+1) ports through analog cables(3 x 3.5mm to dual RCA male) or buy a new soundcard which has optical out through DTS live or connect etc ? I do not want to spend on Auzentech X-FI HD or nVidia 460/480/560 GT etc which has HDMI cables as my rig is pretty old(Only 1 PCI Express slot :( ). Will update my PC rig in 1-2 years and get the new nVidia HDMI audio/video out capable devices. So i do not want to spend unnecessarily on a HI-FI sound card. I can buy a budget sound card like Asus XONAR-DG which has optical out. But will get it only if sound quality will be better than connecting through analog outs from onboard ports. I am not an audiophile but do appreciate good sound. PC will be used for gaming,music and watching BR rips.. What's the cheapest solution rite now ?
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