Question One Game Has 30 FPS While All Others Have 110-120 FPS

Jul 24, 2020
I have an MSI GL75 laptop running a 10th gen i7 with a RTX 2070 (laptop version). When I play PUBG I get 110-120 FPS with ultra settings, but when I play Rust I get 20-30 FPS (even on low settings). When I am at the Rust menu, I'm getting 99-110 FPS, but as soon as the game starts loading it drops to 1-3 FPS and then once the game is fully loaded I'm at 20-33 FPS. I noticed the GPU usage is at 15% - 30%. I've also check in tasked manager and it says it's using the GPU-1 (NVIDIA GPU). Here are the things I've tried:

  • I went into NVIDIA Control Panel and set the global settings to use NVIDIA High Performance Processor. I went and changed rustclient.exe and rust.exe to use NVIDIA High Performance Processor.
  • I've changed the power management in NVIDIA Control Panel to Performance.
  • I've right clicked the Rust .exe and selected run using NVIDIA High Performance Processor.
  • I've verified the integrity of the game files via steam.
  • I've uninstalled Rust and reinstalled it.
  • I've uninstalled ALL NVIDIA Drivers and reinstalled the latest version.
  • I've updated windows.
After doing all of the above, the problem still exists. I'm sure I've done more than the above but can't remember them all. I've run out of ideas. I suspect that the laptop is using the integrated graphics despite my many, many, attempts to force it to use the GPU.

Any ideas / suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated.