Question One individual key not working but appears to "work" in windows-login

Aug 8, 2021
Hi! This is my first post. So, I have a weird issue, or that seems weird to me and I'm hoping someone can tell me what might be happening and hopefully how may I fix it. I would love a DIY fix, if possible. The issue is at follows. Some months ago a couple of keys weren't working properly on my laptop keyboard. It's a keyboard of the style in which you can't remove the whole keyboard assembly, so the only way to access the different layers is by taking apart the whole laptop, which is not very easy to do ( I tried) or individually removing each key, which I've done. I cleaned some of the keys and they are working fine, but one that was working partially stopped working altogether. Now, the weird part is that something is happening or being noticed software-wise, because when I turn on the computer and I'm at the login password screen to windows, the password box starts to get filled endlessly with the letter E, which is the letter that now is not working at all (!). It's very confusing because I would understand if I broke the connecting layers while cleaning or something and it mechanically stopped working, but why would windows keep noticing it as if it was pressed down on the login page but not in the rest of the applications?? I have been resourcing to an external keyboard, but I would really like to find a way to fix the individual key so I don't have to depend on an external one every time I go out. It's an old laptop bought in South America and I'm sure I won't find replacements for it, plus I'm not living in that continent anymore. I'm moving around a lot, so waiting for a shipment from China (if I were to find a replacement part there, that is) is not an option either. So my main question is, could it be or does it sound like a hardware issue? Maybe when cleaning it I shorted the layers or something? Could I fix that somehow without replacing the whole assembly? Sorry for the long explanaition but it's a weird issue, or seems like one at least! Hope someone can bring some light into the thing. Thanks in advance!!!

tldr: only one key not working but would appear windows does notice it like if it was being pressed continuosly on the Login-password for Windows and never again after that.
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