One speaker is louder/quieter than the other

May 22, 2018

Ok so Ive been having this issue for some time now and I'm unsure when and what caused this to happen. I have 2 logitech speakers with a subwoofer. Use realtek audio and windows 10.

When I plug the cord that is directly connected to the speakers into my computer, it sounds normal but very quiet, but they sound the same. However, when I plug the speakers into my subwoofer and use the cord from my subwoofer, one is louder/quieter than the other.

I have checked my sounds to see if was off balance and its not, I checked if something with realtek, its not. So i'm not sure. Possibly something wrong with the subwoofer cord?

If you need any other info to help me out, please let me know!

Please help, thanks!


May 23, 2018
Depends on how much louder/quieter. If it's "just a bit", I'd just use your sound control panel or whatever to adjust the balance back to normal. On my headset, I have to set my L-R bias to -2 (out of 10) for perfect balance. If it's *really* out of balance, might want to maybe update your audio drivers?
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