Question Onkyo receiver repair nightmare

Apr 17, 2021
My gratitude in advance to anyone who can help me with this maddening situation I have found myself in with repairing my Onkyo TX-NR797 A/V receiver that is 10 months old and still under warranty. My apologies for this long-winded background story but it needs to be said to give you, the prospective audio hero, a chance to get the full picture of my ordeal. Full disclosure: it was bought as "Seller Refurbished" on eBay but the seller was an official reseller from OnkyoUSA and it came with a one year limited warranty from Onkyo so I felt comfortable about buying it. This model was out of stock everywhere last summer and in my impatience I purchased it on eBay. The unit arrived in "like new" condition and was great for six months until the left surround channel started to drop out completely. I swapped speakers, inputs and tried every possible variation of connection to rule out a bad speaker or cable as the culprit and the same result always occurred. When I am testing I can press in on the surround left and right speaker terminals with a little pressure and the sound returns so that seems to me to be an obvious speaker terminal or binding post problem. So I contacted Onkyo support to attain warranty repair and was sent to their authorized repair shop in Queens, NY where after a week I was told there were no problems found. And he even showed me himself by connecting speakers and playing some output Though that was only for a few minutes. I took it home and reconnected it using bare wire instead of the banana plugs I had been using. The left surround output worked for a few minutes then cut out again. I then disconnected all source devices and speakers and connected an entirely different speaker and cable and tested it with the built in speaker calibration tones. Same result. I contacted Onkyo again and they advised me to send the unit to their regional service center in Syracuse, NY, which I did. and was initially impressed with their communication with me to get the exact details of the problem and my mitigation efforts. Still, they found nothing and returned the unit to me. I have contacted them about this and was told I would receive a call back after they spoke with the technician who worked on my receiver but that was several days ago with no call back. How is it that two separate service techs could not replicate this problem? The obvious answer is that I am doing something wrong even though it seems obvious the problem is with the surround left speaker terminal. If anyone has any insight or suggestions for me please reply. I am truly at my wit's end with this.
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