Opened and cleaned laptop, now won't turn on

Mugiwara No Luffy

Nov 12, 2013
Hey guys, so I opened up my Asus N550, cleaned it with the air duster, took out everything including the motherboard. While putting everything back together, it turned on by mistake while I was still reconnecting the screen cable, turned it off quickly then connected the cable, then put everything back. When I tried to turn it on it didn't, there's no indication lights on, not even when I connect it to the charger. Does anyone have an idea what it can be?

Mugiwara No Luffy

Nov 12, 2013

I checked everything inside, did it all over while paying more attention but still nothing. I think it has something to do with power, cuz there's no lights nothing, as if my laptop is dead, it doesn't react to the charger either..
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