Optic cable to HDMI or other?


Oct 27, 2015

Overview: I have a mini PC ASRock Intel i5 (Photo) that has an Optic Cable port in its back. My Summit 5.1 soundbar A50-100B is connected to the PC through an optic cable. The soundbar has also Bluetooth. The PC display is connected to the only HDMI port at the back of the PC. I am planning to replace my noisy ASRock PC for a NUC Intel i7 fanless.

Issue: Most NUC pcs have HDMI ports but no optic cable port. When I connect the soundbar to the PC through bluetooth, the sound quality is not good.

Question: is there any way to connect the soundbar to the NUC pc using a optic cable>hdmi adapter or other solution?

Any advice is welcome.



Yes there are HDMI pass through devices that provide that --https://www.amazon.com/Tendak-Optical-Extractor-Converter-Splitter/dp/B017B6WFP8 Most are 1080p, so if you google search, be sure to add "4k" if you plan on higher than 1080p resolution.
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