Solved! Optical output on a Panasonic TV

Nov 29, 2018
I have a panasonic tx-p65vt30b. I recently bought a soundbar (Yamaha YAS 207), but cannot figure out how to connect the optical cable to the soundbar. Am I being completely stupid? I believe I could do it with HDMI ARC but ideally would use the TV volume to control both.
EDIT: The Panasonic TV has something called a digital output but that is a different size to the optical cable, so doesn't seem to be a way to plug it in - unless I can't see the port

Also, if anyone knows the Yamaha YAS - is there a way to stop it going into standby mode? Or will the optical connection do that? So I don't need to keep 2 remotes constantly

Specs on that TV mention a special dedicated adapter cable being required to use the optical audio output. I couldn't find a picture of the TV showing where that would connect to so don't know what it would look like.
The TV does support ARC so if you use that and turn CEC on in the TV it may allow you to control the soundbar volume with the TV remote. An optical connection, if you used one, would definitely not let you do that.


Sep 19, 2011
You need to connect the optical cable to your tv and the other end to the tv port on your soundbar, as for getting it out of standby...... not 100% sure but I think the optical connection will handle that when it picks up a signal from your tv
Nov 29, 2018
I have the optical port on the Yamaha YAS, but there is nowhere to plug it into on my TV. the Digital output of the TV does not take the optical cable as the ports are different sizes
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