Orange Juice + Laptop Charger = Sparks! Help!


Mar 7, 2010
Hello everybody!

I had my laptop in my backpack and a bottle of juice with badly closed lid. By the time I came home from the library, everything inside was swimming in orange juice. Laptop was in a separate compartment and was not wet, but the charger was pretty wet. I decided to give my things a good shower and then left them near the heater for 2 days.

But later when I went to the library and plugged in my charger into my laptop and outlet there were a few sparks, cracking sound and a strong smell of burned rubber coming from the charging brick. I unplugged it immediately (like after 1-2 seconds), but did not risk plugging it again. The laptop seems to be fine though. However, the outlet and the nearby lamp stopped working :eek: Not to be a dick, I notified the librarian, but they said they would check it and did not seem to care much.

The question is what do I do now? Buy a new charger? Leave this one to dry some more and try again? Or definitely DO NOT try to use it again?



Dec 29, 2012
I would buy a replacement. If you spill juice or "tap" water on your electronics its best to rinse clean with distilled water and then leave to dry. Regular water will corrode electronic connections.