Question Orumrohnr201 soundbar not working

Mar 31, 2019
Hello I have an orumrohnr201 soundbar that comes with the yellow white and red audio cables . I am trying to connect it to my roku tv . I see in the back of the roku there is av in white yellow red in the back and then on the side is one hole that has an audio out . I tried putting the cables into the correct colors but I’m getting no audio any advice ?
Mar 31, 2019
On the back of the tv there is an in which has the 3 colors there is a thing that says headphone out but it has one hole . I ordered an rca to hdmi adapter would that help ?
NO it would not.
You need to use the audio output on the side not the audio video input on the back. I can't find a picture or description of what inputs that soundbar has online Sounds like you will need a cable with a stereo mini plug on the TV end and two RCA plugs at the soundbar end. Check the TV manual on how to use the audio output. You may need to turn it on.
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