Question OTA antenna & capturing streaming on USB drive.

Jay Clayton

Mar 8, 2023
I cut the cord and am now watching OTA television through a ZJBOX digital converter.
It works fine and it has a USB port which allows me to 'record' favorites.

Unfortunately, although I live in a metro area (Lakewood, CO) I live in a depression and I can't get certain channels - which leads to
question 1:
Is there an OTA antenna made that can reach up and get a signal? After doing some research I'm pretty sure I know the answer (no) but I thought I would ask anyway.

Question 2:
is there anyway to route a streaming signal , say from Roku - which has the OTA channel I want - through my ZJBOX digital converter so I can record onto it's USB flash drive?
This is a just a hobby I've had for years (started with VHS)!
Hopefully this is possible and someone here will have an answer. thanks, J


Antennas are line of sight devices. Can you elevate your OTA antenna where you live?

How old is your TV? Most made in last couple decades have a digital tuner (so no need for a separate tuner). Not a solution for recording though.