Question Outdoor A/V puzzle featuring a TV and four outdoor speakers

May 6, 2022
Hi everyone!
I feel like I generally know how to solve A/V hookup issues, but on this one, I could use some advice/guidance if anyone has any.

I have a Samsung 65" HDTV mounted on the back patio. It's encased in a TV Shield to protect it from the elements, which isn't really a problem, but just want to include all relevant info. It needs external speakers due to the encasement.
I also have 4 Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-way speakers spread out across the patio (it's a really long backyard), mounted to the house. They are currently hooked up to a Pyle PTA44BT 4-channel amplifier that is located inside (wires run through the wall). It's an okay set up for playing audio, but nowhere near what I'd like. While I can run music through the amp inside (usually via bluetooth off a phone) to the speakers outside, I feel very limited on power and there's only so much volume I can get before the amp trips off. Doesn't help that one of the speakers doesn't seem to be working correctly (no matter what I do, it just won't get as loud as the other three), but that's to be looked at later.
Further, the location of the amp is too far away to be able to control it without going in and out of the house. Not very convenient when trying to adjust volume or change songs.
Now that we've added the TV, I'm trying to come up with a solution to put a powerful enough amp outside that I can control easily and hook up the TV as an input as well as a way to run Bluetooth into it (I have some things that I can do that if the amp doesn't have Bluetooth already) and then out to the four speakers. The patio where the TV is has a pretty big cover so that area is usually not in direct contact with the weather, but I'd still need a way protect the amp.

So, audio experts, is what I'm trying to do even possible? I've been playing around with the idea of a car or boat amp and rigging it up with proper power to do the job, but I'm not sure. I've also had trouble finding an amp/receiver that has the power and connections to run the four speakers at the level I want.

Anyone have any ideas?

Alternate plan is to just get some outdoor speakers just for the TV, which solves that, but I still want a better setup for the 4 speakers to make the most of outdoor music.
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