Output 2 channel audio analog to 5.1 digital home theatre


Apr 3, 2015
So i have an old source device that only ouput 2 channel audio (av) and i want to connect it to modern 5.1 home theater reciver. I was able to achieve that by connecting red and white of the source to the red and white of thw reciver but i only got left and right channels to work (as expected) not even the center channel worked (again as expected).
Now what i want is to to make my reciver take that left and right analog signal and output it as 5.1 channel to the speakers (even if it’s not real 5.1)... all i hope to achieve is to make all 6 speakers work even if they output the same sound with no real surround effect.
Is this possible via any software or hardware modifications (like a converter or something)


Edit: my home theater is samsung HT j5500


Apr 3, 2015
I figured it out!
This can be done using a button on the remote “DSP/EQ” which has multiple modes, by choosing M-stereo mode (cinema mode works as well) you can force two channels to the 6 channels


Yes thats virtual surround, any decent AVRs have this capability.

If you wish to hear natural surround decodings then the source would require optical or hdmi for multi channel.
Oct 21, 2018
in pioneer vsx-323-k av receiver (2013 entry level receiver), under speaker setup, i use "plus" for subwoofer. don't know for samsung HT if it has this setup. then i use dolby pro logic II on decoder options. all six speakers work. so for the subwoofer, it is in the speaker setup. and for the center and surround speakers, it is in the decoder options.
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