Question Overheating laptop

Jul 21, 2021
A very long story, please bear with me:
So I bought this HP pavilion 'gaming laptop' more than a year ago, specs-
Ryzen 5 3550H
GTX 1050
8 GB RAM(5.9 usable. thank AMD integrated graphics for that)
128 SSD+ 1 TB HDD

The laptop worked pretty fine usually with CPU idle temps around-45-55 C but started gaming a few days later and it went almost to 105-110 C. Now don't ask me how that's possible because the Tjunction is 105C but idk why it didn't shut down. Tried multiple monitoring applications and got almost the same result every time. Problem is uniform across all games- csgo, rocket league, gta v.

But I didn't think much about it and did not game a lot on it also but one fine day while updating the BIOS the system shuts down and is now in a BIOS update loop. Call HP, they send an engineer who says it's a heating problem and then does this- scoops some thermal paste from the side of the heat sink or thermal pads idk and puts it on the CPU(Mind you the scooped paste was almost clay like), I object but the engineer says it's fine. So it boots up and everything is running, new BIOS is loaded, idle temps are again ok-45-55C, but come gaming and again, maxing out at 105-108C with average temps of about 95C. But this time it does something even more interesting, it shuts down about 1 hour from gaming always, I think to call HP again but due to the pandemic it's not possible until now when it's almost the end of the warranty.
Meanwhile there's another BIOS update after which the temps are again high but the laptop doesn't seem to shut down while gaming but regardless of this I decide to call HP due to the high temps, they send an engineer and I specifically ask this one to get some 'new thermal paste' which he does and voluntarily gets one new fan to help with the overheating. Now for mistakes by HP part 2, he decides to not clean the old thermal paste which was there, I again object and he says that it's negligible and won't matter( If you're wondering where is this crap going on then it's in India).

Again idle temps ok, gaming temps max at 100-102C this time and average at about 90-95C. A little bit better but still not good. Lost with all hope I turn to Ryzen controller but the performance hit is there( I limit the temp to around 80C), FPS drops can be felt quite sharply.
I do not think that this is bad design since the site from where I bought this laptop has a lot of really good reviews about it with good thermals of about max 75-80C while gaming. while I'm doing 95-100C still.

But one day the laptop worked extremely well as expected while gaming with temps around 75-76C and much better and constant FPS, without even using the Ryzen controller, idk why this happened, I am absolutely sure that I did not change any settings or anything. Though this happiness only lasted a day and from the next day it started behaving the same again.

I personally don't think that even though the thermal paste is sort of in a crap condition another 'proper re-application' would help in dropping temps by 20C.
Finally I don't have any idea what to do now, either keep playing with Ryzen controller turned on and with shitty FPS, or let the it heat till maybe one day it dies,(BTW, the overheat is indeed throttling the performance, it's not as good as the one off day good performance) or maybe quit gaming on this altogether. How can I get back that performance which I experienced once? What settings do I need to change?
Also to hell with HP and the seller for shipping this lemon.
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