Panasonic Home Theatre System SC-HT995W SELECTOR Button


Nov 27, 2017
My SC-HT995W which works ok for about the first 1 hour after turning it on. It then starts cutting out. If I hold the SELECTOR button in (while on a selected input, i.e. AUX), AUX device works ok.
If I release pressure on the SELECTOR button the sound cuts out again. I've also noticed that while I am pressing the SELECTOR button, the MEMORY button (next to SELECTOR) becomes the SELECTOR button. I.e. I can depress the MEMORY button to select different inputs just like scrolling with the SELECTOR button. Really weird... And very annoying because I can only hear music or anything if I hold the SELECTOR button down with some sticky tape!
Sounds like either a bad switches or bad solder on the board the switches are mounted on. The fact that is works for an hour leads me towards the solder. Could be something more complicated though.
Either way you would need some soldering skills and a bit of experience to fix it. If the switches are bad you might not be able to get replacements either.
If you think of it as a learning experience then give it a try but be ready to upgrade since you would not want to throw much money into it.
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