Question Panasonic SU-2700 replacement for £200 or less?

Apr 27, 2020
I currently have a pair of old bookshelf speakers connected to an even older integrated amp connected to my PC via the 3.5mm line on the PC. Both have been donated to me.

Current Amp: Panasonic SU-2700
Speakers: Sony SS-A1L (4ohms, rated input 40w, max 120w)

This is perhaps somewhat an unusual setup, but it has produced better results than 'PC Speakers' I've tried, and crucially, it was free!

Unfortunately, the amp has started to become temperamental, only working through both channels when the volume knob is set at exactly the right position, and the tape monitor button is wiggled in the right way, or the right prayers are spoken to the HiFi gods. Additionally, many of the other controls produce loud pops through the speakers. I'm not sure if the Panasonic is worth repairing, though it may make a fun project one day. For now though I'd like to get something else that doesn't require 5-10 minutes of faff every time I want to listen to music.

I'll be listening to music of all types, watching TV/movies and occasional gaming. I've set myself a budget of £200 and am unsure if for this price I should go for a budget amp like the Onkyo TX-8220, or one of these smaller units that seem to be all over amazon, such as something like the Topping MX3, or various SMSL products.
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