Panasonic SU-HTB20 subwoofer to PC hookup.


Feb 25, 2017

Windows 10
Asus Z270E motherboard.
Panasonic SU-HTB20
Edifier 980t.

I have my edifier 980t bookshelf speakers hooked up to my PC via a 3.5mm jack on the back IO of the motherboard in the speakers output port.

I was given a subwoofer from a home theater system. The Brand and model are Panasonic SU-HTB20.

It has an HDMI AV in and out,
x2 Digital Audio ports
And two what might be proprietary (idk) left and right speaker ports.

I was wondering if I could buy a 3.5mm to Digital Audio cable and be able to hook this subwoofer to my PC. I tried HDMI but I can only choose one of the other in my sound setting in Windows 10. I tried to set it as a default communication device and enabled listen but it does nothing.
Here is a picture of the subwoofers IO.

Thanks figured I'd ask before I short something.
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