Question Panasonic Viera Audio Out

Apr 21, 2020
Hi Guys!

I have a Panasonic Viera TH-L55ET60A television.

The built in speakers seem to have blown and get incredibly crackly when the volume is over 30.

I have a set of Logitech speakers that I wish to connect to the TV so I can hear volume clearly again. The Logitech speakers connect to the audio source via an AUX port. The TV does not have a headphone jack for this use.

I have attempted to use an RCA (red/white) to Female AUX cable, from the RCA port on the TV, then plug my Logitech speakers into the female end of the cable, to no avail.

I am watching through HDMI on the TV and have changed the HDMI audio output to analogue, still with no success.

I realise I would be able to buy a digital to analogue audio converter and connect through the optical port, but would like to find a solution before going down that path.

Any help would be appreciated!
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