Question PC Audio Being Picked Up By Headset

Feb 19, 2019
My PC audio is somehow being picked up by my microphone even though I am using a headset.

Things I've checked:
I checked "playback" and "recording" settings and "Listen to this device" is unchecked on both.
The microphone and and speaker devices are the only enabled devices in sound settings, so "stereo mix" is definitely disabled.

Thing's I've tried:
Rear and front audio ports.
Two different external audio cards (usb).
Three different headsets.
Uninstalling realtek audio drivers through device manager and then manually installing from realtek website.

Things I've noticed:
I can't access the realtek audio settings for some reason.
When I disallow all app access to my microphone in privacy > microphone, the problem stops according the the bars in sound settings, but of course I can't use the microphone for discord or anything.

Relevant Specs:
Windows 10 64 bit
ASRock B450 Gaming Motherboard

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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