PC Audio Bypassing Receiver To TV


Jul 9, 2015
Hi all. I'm having an issue getting my PC audio playing through my receiver to my 5.1 setup. I'm connecting from the PC to the receiver via a GTX970 HDMI port. The video comes through great, but the audio goes to the TV instead of the 5.1 speakers. I think the problem is that Windows sound is detecting the TV and not the receiver, as seen in this screenshot.

I have the latest drivers for my video card. I looked for firmware updates for my receiver (Onkyo HT-R570), but it appears to no longer be supported. I also tried turning things on in various orders to see if I could get Windows to detect the receiver before the TV, but no joy there. Thoughts?


is your receiver recognized if you do NOT connect the tv up to the receiver and instead have the receiver and tv connected via separate hdmi cables? also check disconnected and disabled devices in sound playback devices by right clicking. see if your receiver has a special computer hdmi port.

while i cant say for sure if your assumption is correct i will say that i've ran both straight pc>tv and pc>receiver>tv and have noted that the receiver gets shown in playback devices when the receiver is in the loop. from what you have said it seems that you have it hooked up correctly. double check in your receiver settings to make sure you do not have any odd settings enabled (doubtful) as well.

as another test, see if the receiver shows up on another pc/laptop device to verify if its a problem with your pc (in which case it is likely drivers) or if it is an issue with the receiver itself.
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