PC/Audio experts advice needed!!!!!


Jun 29, 2015
Hey i'm having trouble with my current audio setup that involves mulitple outputs going into one set of speakers and trying to eliminate the noise through the splitter.

this is my equipment and how its set up.

PC tower
Scarlett solo audio interface
boss digital multitrack
philips 4k tv
audio studio monitors.

okay so i can connect all 3 seperaly with no issue like this ....

Using scarlett solo as my pc's audio output, it is connected to the pc by usb (in and out signal) and then i have the scarlett solo connected to the Studio monitors with Red and White rca cables. ( no sound issues )

using Boss digital recorder for recording music on pc (sonar program) the set up is very similar to the scarlett solo, it is connected to the pc by usb and output to studio monitors with red and white rca, it is an audio interface also.... so i use it to send musical instruments in for recording and also use it for playback, as my pc sound card has latency issues/delayed playback, i could technically use this device for all pc output playback but i don't like leaving it turned on all the time as i might accidently delete music etc.... so i prefer to just use this when recording music and use the scarlett solo for all other pc output

using 4k tv connected to monitor speakers using rca red and white output.

So that is the 3 outputs i have and all work fine when used separately, but the moment i connect all 3 to a 3 way splitter.... there is a lot of noise coming from the 2 connections not in use.

is there a 3 way splitter that can.... terminate the other inputs completely when using the remaining one to stop any unwanted noise leaking into the 1 in use ?



Jun 29, 2015
i had bought one off ebay for under a tenner and it was useless.... felt cheap, looked cheap and so much noise when all 3 connected.... i could use it if i unplugged 2 of the 3 devices... but then whats the point in using it at all if i can only use one input without noise issues :)


Jul 31, 2011
Hello... 1) Do you get noise if the un-used connections are powered or Not powered? or either?
2) Do any of the above equipment use portable power/wall wart?
3) if all powered from the same outlet ( use a extension cord ) do you still get the noise?
4) if you have a non-grounded power plug try rotating the plug 180 into the outlet to change AC phase input to the rectifier.
5) Take some wire and touch/ground between units to test for a ground loop problem.
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