Jul 21, 2014
I never cared much for the Audiophile scene.

However, I want to give it a try. My current ghetto setup includes a Corsair Vengeance 1500, and nothing else. It is growing static, and I wish to rid of it soon. I know of some very reputable brands, such as Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. They are quite legendary from what I hear. Are they really as great as they seem to be?

Regardless, I'm tired of these "gaming headsets". They are underpowered, yet carry a obscure price tag. An example of this could be the Razer Kraken Forged.

Will a quality headphone be great for both music and in games? I really could care less about 7.1 virtual surround. It's a novelty if anything.

I'm leaning towards the Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium. This is the 250 Ohm version. I want the premium because it has a higher build quality, and looks far more stylish in my opinion, and that has weight for me.

It is open, and has sound leaking through it. Is this any good for gaming, or just for music? May this only be according to preference?

I will need an amp and Dac to get this thing sounding good. I want a good one, that is not super expensive, but good enough for this particular headphone.

I'm thinking about this:

Anyway, I do not wish to speculate, but who is this "NwAVGuy?" I keep on hearing from seasoned audio veterans? Is he dead? Why did he disappear?

It might be a bit before I actually get these items. I'm quite short on money for the time being and need to save up again.


Mar 17, 2014
I do not know of this "NwAVGuy" but I can help you.

It seems like you've done your research so I'll get right into it.
Both the DT990 and Objective2 ODAC are amazing audio products. If you can afford them, those might be the last headphones you buy.
The DT990's are awesome for music playback but if you want to game with them you can get this:

Good luck!