PC Music/Gaming headphones


Nov 10, 2009
I'm looking for some headphones to play WoW with late at night and to mostly listen to music, i cant have usb port headphones as i dont have enough ports.

i've been looking at the sennheiser hd555's but i was wondering if theres anything cheaper/better for the price.

i like listening to music with alot of bass such as dubstep but i listen to all types of music in genral..
my budget is about £80 at the very maximum but as everyone, the cheaper the better.

oh and ill be using a clipon or desktop mic with them but with a clip on mic do you just clip to your ear and put the headphones over?

thank you for your time and i appreciate any replys :wahoo:


Jan 7, 2009
Good music and good gaming headphones are two very different things. :D
Nice 5.1 (fake) surround headphones, they help you hear were dem enemy 'nades at.
Nice studio headphones for comfort and sound accuracy.
Nice DJ headphones for bass and noise cancellation.

And personally, I have a desktop mic, but I hate it, so I just taped a bluetooth mic to my headphones... I suggest you get a pair of headphones that have a mic just for ease of use.

What's more important to you? Your music, or your games? Do you care for surround? How important is sound accuracy to you? Do you play any FPS games? (Were 5.1/7.1 sound actually provides an advantage)