PC only plays sound on left side.


Jan 22, 2016
My PC has been really weird in a long time, and now I'm sick of it. So the thing is that my PC only plays sound on the left side of headphones, earplugs and speakers(if it's two of them).
I have checked if the right side is muted, and it is not.
It's not something fancy, just normal headphones in a normal plug in at the side of the PC.
I have tried many different headphones and speakers, but it never workes on this PC even if it workes on everything else.
The weird thing is that if you push the plug in down (when its in the hole) it workes. This happens on every single earplug, headset and speakers.
Please help me fast.

PS. Sorry if the english is bad, but I'm not english.


Replace the plug. Not a lot of things you can do here, it's clearly a connection issue in the plug. If you have a desktop you can use the front or rear plugs depending on which is not working, or get a add-on sound card.
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