PC - SD card put in XD slot in error.

Careless wife

Apr 18, 2017
I did a dumb thing. Was sitting at my PC & reached down to slide an SD card into the slot to transfer some photos to PC. I clearly wasn't paying close enough attention & slid it into the XD card slot. It sat right on the edge - I couldn't pull it out. I tried tipping the tower forward & it just sat there. I unbent a paper clip & tried to maneuver in the small space that was there & the card fell completely in - I can't see it now so it has dropped down below the slot.
Any tips on how to get it out? Pretty desperate as the card is my husband's buddy & the photos are from their trip to Augusta to watch the Masters a couple of weeks ago!!
Turn off the PC and remove the side case.

Disconnect the reader ribbon cable from the motherboard and undo the screws holding it in place (you may have to take of both side cases if there are screws on both sides.

Remove the reader from the PC.

Try to shake the SD card out of the XD slot first.

If it does not come break the reader plastic housing to remove the SD card.

If you destroy the reader simply buy a rplacement ... they are cheap.

Take the old one to a computer shop to show them the part you want.

You will still be able to use the PC without it ... just put the side covers back in place in the meantime.