PC sometimes boots to boot manager (series of other issues)


May 23, 2015
Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this as I've never used a forum of any kind before and no threads seemed similar but sorry in advance if there is. Anyway details below and thanks in advance for any help:

Laptop: Lenovo Yoga S1 from 2014 i7vPro

First issue: I turned on my laptop after using it for about 6 months and it worked perfectly. All of a sudden the PC would only boot to boot manager.

Attempts to resolve issue: The boot manager would see the drive but when I clicked enter it did nothing. I checked the boot order and even reset the bios settings. After 10 tries it would occasionally start to windows. I backed up my files and restored windows. I opened the laptop to check internals the SDD wire seemed loose and it would work after I reinstalled the wire but I think that was more of a fluke. Finally, I gave up and showed and Bestbuy Geek squad. They said the internals seemed fine and that they would charge for a reinstall. I reinstalled windows myself. Windows would not install and would freeze in between but after multiple attempts it worked. Thereafter, it would work perfectly for a day or 2. In between, I reflashed the bios, reinstalled again and then I decided maybe Bestbuy was wrong and the SDD was bad. So I replaced the SDD. In between, I used an HDD from my old laptop and that worked fine but was very slow cause the HDD itself was bad. Once the SDD was installed, Windows was installing after repeated attempts once again. However, after the new SDD the laptop worked perfectly for a week. Now the laptop would boot into boot manager but rarely and selecting the drive would boot directly into windows. The old sdd I used to replace the old hdd on my other laptop and works perfectly.

Second issue: Occasionally the laptop gets a blue screen error and this never happened before

Third issue: The laptop boots slower than before but it is acceptable.

I have checked the startup programs, ran disk checks with chkdsk and other software, I've ran virus scans though this is my school computer so a virus is unlikely.

All in all, my laptop is acceptably functional now it sometimes blue screens or boots to boot manager or system repair but that is quite rare. I'd rather have it be completely fixed as it holds my school files and before I really liked it. If anyone has any idea of what could be going wrong it would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a factor of the laptops age. Thanks!

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