PC stuck at BIOS


Jul 16, 2017
Hello, so I have been playing games today like every other day when I accidentely turned off one of the fans off. When I say ‘turned off one of them’, I mean this: I have 2 little switches on the top of my pc case which are used for switching fan 1 or 2 off/on. So, in the second that happened my PC restarted and when I tried to turn it back on, it just got stuck on Bios and wont exit it. Anyone have any idea?
PS, I tried plugging all the devices like mouse, etc.. off but it still wont let me get out of it. PC is i7, I’ll give other info if needed.
Try removing the CMOS battery, wait several seconds, then re-insert it. It should look like a coin somewhere on the motherboard. Doing so should reset the BIOS to factory default.