PC to mixer no sound


Sep 25, 2017

I work at a primary school and we have a new audio setup in the hall. A mixer links to CD player, mics and power amp. This is all setup and working, however when add in a PC I get no sound from it.

I've connected it to a spare channel on the mixer using a cable from the headphone socket on the PC to red and black connectors into the mixer. This cable works fine in my classroom so I know it's working. I tried adding it to the channel where the CD player is because I know that works, no joy. I tried playing sound through a new Windows 10 laptop, no joy. Both play fine through the mini PC speakers we have which aren't powerful enough for the hall.

This is driving me mad, what could be going wrong? Help!

Possible the default Playback device in windows is set to hdmi or digital?
Rt click the speaker Icon down by the time and then select playback devices and check please.