PC to Receiver to TV SURGE ISSUE?


Apr 29, 2014
Hooked up PC to Receiver via HDMI-Receiver to TV via HDMI ARC--Play Dark Souls 2 for awhile, PC shuts itself off saying "Surge PSU Issue". Second Attempt: PC to TV via HDMI-Optical from PC to Receiver-Same Result. 3rd attempt: PC to TV playing with only tv stereo audio to test if receiver was causing this, same result. PC does NOT shut itself off when using my BENQ 144hz and running dual monitor in my computer room and I can play all day long with no issues. What could possisbly be causing this as I have extinguished my resources and knowledge.


Apr 29, 2014
I have ordered a new one:


Since it was my first guess that my PSU was horrible as it is not good quality, but only thing available at the time locally. Hopefully, the PSU is the reason for this happening as I think I have ruled out every other variable, aside from my HDMI through my videocard being at fault, but it has all the latest drivers and I have never had any problems with the card.
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