PC to Receiver via HDMI question/Issue


Mar 28, 2014
I have been reading, but apparently not finding, or understanding some of the answers. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here.

I have an HTPC, that i built a year or so ago, with and AMD APU. I have been using it with an older logitech surround sound, with the back speakers unplugged. Recently, i decided to upgrade my audio.

As it stands now...

Windows 8.1 Pro HTPC with the AMD APU.
Motherboard has built in HDMI.

Connecting via HDMI to -

Pioneer VSX-822-K Reciever

Front left and right Polk Audio 45B speakers. (14g speaker wire to receiver)
Polk Audio PSW10 Sub (Single RCA to receiver)

I was going for the 2.1 at first, and then possibly later if i feel like i can get wire back there, to add the rear surround and a center channel.

Right now, the issue seems to be the sub getting any info from the media. Say netflix or youtube.

During the receivers self setup using the mic, it found and sent test tones out to both front speakers and the sub, so i know the sub is connected and working. I think the sub is getting stripped from windows? I can configure the sound on the PC, on HDMI, where it gives me the options to us Stereo, Quad, 5.1, 7.1.

How should that be set?
Is there a way to bypass that so windows sends the audio signal directly from netfilx, youtube, etc, so the receiver can use its self configured 2.1 to make it sound best and work?

Maybe i am not looking in the right areas, or asking the right questions even?
i am using a computer hooked up in the same manner. well... technically i use a dvi-to-hdmi cable and i have it hooked up to my video card and not my motherboard but for all purposes here... its more or less the same thing. photos in my sig if you care.

first, you did right by running the receiver speaker setup. if in speaker test the left, right and sub work then you did this right.

i do not have windows 8.1 on my machine (i avoid it like the plague) so i can only give you instructions for windows 7 however hopefully you can use that to help you set things up correctly on your system. with that said... continue reading.

second, you will need to set up your windows audio. right click the sound icon in the notification area. click playback devices. make sure your receiver is set to the default audio device and click configure. i would suggest setting it to 5.1 (if 2.1 isnt an option). run speaker test. does it work now?

third, look in your video card and sound amd software bundle (catalyst) for any reference of audio out on the hdmi. see if it has any settings for 2.1 or 5.1 and change accordingly.

fourth, make sure your receiver is set to auto-surround. although i would like to note that with certain HTIB sets and perhaps a few receivers you need to use the PCM or DIRECT option to get things working right for some reason. i myself always use only two options: auto-surround 99% of the time or ext stereo when i want to play music across all speakers (it dupes the signal from the fronts to the rears).

i would also suggest then using a propper sound test to verify things are working. i highly suggest going here http://www.dolby.com/us/en/consumer/technology/home-theater/dolby-digital-plus-download.html and clicking on the channel check video. for windows i would use the TS option and open it with WMP. its a great test for verifying that channels are working and i have used it myself to can verify that it works perfectly.