PC to TV to Home Theater difficulties, Can't get 5.1 audio


Dec 27, 2015
So I've seen a lot of threads about similar situations although I would say mine is a little unique:

I have my Nvidia GTX 660 Ti running an HDMI cable to my SONY Bravia KDL-70W840B TV and, from there, an optical cable out to my LG LHB650 Surround Sound system.

The problem I'm having is the same as others I've seen; I can't get more than Stereo sound when playing media through my PC. Between my TV and 5.1 there appears to be no issues as I can watch Netflix with 5.1 audio without a problem.

And here's where my situation gets a little different. Unlike the majority of people having this issue, I can actually see the option for 5.1 Surround when configuring the HDMI port in my control panel (Although I'll only get sound through Forward Left, Right and Center speakers when testing).

Even MORE confusing is the fact that if I enable applications to take exclusive control of the HDMI port, I get True 5.1 when playing media (such as a movie through Windows Media Player). Which to me, says that although Windows 7 doesn't recognize my rear speakers and subwoofer, my applications do?)

Essentially, it seems I can get 5.1 without having to connect my PC directly to the Home Theater but I need my Windows 7 to recognize that there are 6 channels, not just 3.

Help would really be appreciated, and if you need more info just ask and I'll try to answer as best I can.
When you connect the PC to the TV it is telling the PC via its EDID that it is a 2 channel device. Don't think you can fix this in the PC but you can use an HDMI distribution box with internal EDID setting to trick your PC into thinking it's connected to a 5.1 device.


Dec 27, 2015

Seems like a viable option.

It's just that since I can already get 5.1 through my PC when using the option to gives applications exclusive control , I'm wondering if there's a way for me to simply override Windows 7 or my Sound Drivers to get my PC to recognize the 5.1 setup I have.

It's so strange that when testing the speakers from the sound control panel, I can only get audio from left, right and center, but when playing a 6 channel movie through WMP I'll get full Surround Sound. I feel like if I could just force Windows 7 to recognize the Subwoofer and rear speakers, it'll all start working.

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