generally you have two good ways of connecting everything up.

buying a receiver and outputting via dvi/hdmi from your video card to the receiver which then processes audio and has video passthrough to the tv.

buying an amp and connecting the pc to it via splitting the signal off a hdmi/dvi cable, via spdif on your mobo or sound card or via composite/component cables using the propper plug adapter.

what you need to figure out is what output you will be using and if you need the system to be able to support additional inputs besides the pc.


Jan 21, 2013
Thanks for the reply.... If I were to use the s/pdif output on the mobo could you point m at an inexpensive amp that would do the job? Don't need any other source but the pc.
first thing for you to verify is that just an amp can take a spdif signal and process it. amplifiers are a little outside my expertise but i do know others use them for their pc/speaker sets.

i use a receiver myself (i have multiple sources) so my research and experience tends to be more related to this instead of just amplifiers.