Question Perfect state SSD M.2 PCIe is overheating on my HP hp 15-db1103nm (8kp03ea)

Jul 24, 2020
Hi all,

I'm experiencing overheating with my Micron M.2 PCIe (MTFDHBA256TCK-1AS1AABHA), it's in the perfect state but it overheats. As soon as I start my laptop, it goes quickly to 60C.
  • reinstalled Windows,
  • updated all the available drivers suggested by HP
  • re-inserted the SSD
  • tried adding thermal pad (heatsink can't fit inside due to space issue)
  • cleared the dust inside although there was no dust but just for the sake of it, but no help.
The thermal pad dropped temperature for 5C only, so now it's around 55 C.

Any suggestions please on what to do?

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